Jul 192011

Deep thoughts…. RAGBRAI dreaming edition.


Hmmmmm…. I wonder if my ass could be more sore.  I wonder if I could eat one more brat. I wonder who would I call to bail me out of jail. I wonder if I’m going to be crazy enough next year to do this again.  If so, I wonder what kind of crazy I will see.  Now, where did I put my Gatorade?





See, crazy is found in the craziest places. Looks like he keeps his chapstick in the front of his shorts.  Also, it’s a hard decision as to who is better endowed.






Youth definitely has its privileges.  One guess who just defiled a Kybo.  One guess to which one wants to but doesn’t have the energy.



Uh, yeah…. I really could of done without seeing that.  Is this what people do when the are drunk at 9 am? The guy on the left really has the Chris Farley “I’m on my way to the gym” pose down to an art form.

Truthfully it’ll be great to see this crazy group again.  The more crazy the merrier.